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The cheapest cash price mobile windshield repair in Houston. Free through insurance Guaranteed!

Experience the Mudflap Difference™

You get:
  1. Same day mobile service
  2. A fair refund policy
  3. 24hr customer service
How it Works?

We pride ourselves on providing a consistently good windshield repair. We do not compromise quality for greater volume like other windshield repair companies do. That's why our repairs stand out.

Here's what we do:

  1. First we put our injector on the damaged area.
  2. The injector is kinda like a syringe. What it does is, it sucks the air out and then pushes the resin in.

  3. Once the resin gets fully into the lines and cracks, we let the sun hit it. The sun bonds it into the glass, it keeps it from spreading and it clears it up about 85 to 90 percent.

Some chips require extra attention. For those we offer:

  1. Large Pit Adapter
  2. The flex method

These tools are what set our company apart. We don't just squirt resin into a break and HOPE it fills it. We make sure it does.

What will it cost me?

Let's talk price. We accept all forms of payment: cash, check and credit card. In addition, all major insurance companies also.

  • Basic chip repair is $35.00

  • Addt'l chips are $10.00

  • Insurance is FREE.

For credit cards, we use the Square Card Reader. Square is the industry leader in mobile credit card solutions.

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Kevin Moses

Reliable windshield repair, a trusted professional.